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“The idea of WEB is to explore the different meanings of its title. It details the impact on communities in the Amazon Jungle and Andes Mountains of the One Laptop One Child initiative…At the same time it zooms out to pose bigger questions about what being connected actually means in today’s world.”

“A fascinating global odyssey…WEB is both a paean to and critique of burgeoning global media, and extremely entertaining.”

Michael Kleiman on WEB, Connectivity, and Social Documentary

WEB wins SundanceNOW Audience Award at DOC NYC.

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“At its heart, WEB is a film about friendships – how they are formed, what they mean, how far they can stretch with the help of technology, and how they are changed in that process.”


“Premiering Nov. 16 at the DOC NYC festival, Kleiman’s new film, WEB (Righteous Pictures), gets to the heart of communication in
the digital world.”


“WEB is engaging, informative, provocative and will leave you thinking.”